Friday, 3 April 2009

Another Social Worker

To say that we were nervous was an understatement! The hoover and duster were out with gusto, and I don't recall sitting down for the rest of the day! It was not that we were dirty it was the fact we were still having a lot of building work done in the house, and the builder had only just finished our kitchen. We thought we had plenty of time, as the process so far had just seemed to take forever - so we had the kitchen finished - which was the first room to be finished in the house! We still only had the two and a half bedrooms in the house, and when I say two and a half, I mean one bedroom was off the spare room. We wanted to make it into a proper three bedroom, and this would take further work!

Anyway, I digress! There was a sufficient amount of cleaning to get through, make sure that the bleach had been put away, that the knifes were locked away and that the cats claws had been removed from their paws (ok the last one would have been extreme, although, through this process, you'd be surprised what you think you have to do!) and of course the obligatory cakes and biscuits had to be purchased. That evening we were so nervous. It did not seem real that after all of this time we could be meeting the Social Worker of our potential children! In some ways I don't think I believe that the meeting would actually take place. In the past we had been so unlucky with one thing and another, so this seemed too good to be true! A few glasses of wine soon soothed the nerves, and made for a good nights sleep.

I think I slept the soundest I had in ages that night, and I was glad of that, because I was about to get the biggest shock of my life!

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